House Of Blackjack
Enjoy A Free Game On The House
Enjoy A Free Game On The House
The house of blackjack - home of the world's most popular card game. The Hard Hand, Red Sevens, a Soft Hand, the Push, taking Insurance, Early Surrender, a Hot Deck - sweet music to the ears of avid blackjack gamblers.


Learning to play online is easy, but going to play casino blackjack at a casino itself, can be rather intimidating. Here's how to step up to the table, and how you act once you get there.

Basically there are two types of casino blackjack you may come across, one where they deal the cards face up, and one where they deal them face down. Each requires a slightly different way to handle the cards at the table.

For both styles stepping up to the table and buying in is the same. You either purchase chips at the cashier ahead of time and bring them to the table, or you buy some from the dealer with cash. To buy from the dealer with cash, find an open seat and make yourself comfortable. When the current round ends and everyone has been paid, ask the dealer if you can 'buy in'. Take your cash, lay it out flat and put it on the table, beyond the area you place your bets in (in a fast moving casino, they may deal on your cash as though it were a bet if you don't place it beyond the betting area). The dealer will take your cash, spread it out for the cameras, and then give you chips.

You can keep you chips stacked in front of you, you'll notice other players doing this. For a round to start every player must place a bet. Just start off with the table minimum and put it in the betting area on the blackjack table, imitate the other players if you're unsure.

In some casinos the dealer will shuffle the cards, and then ask a player to cut them. If you're that player, just take the plastic card shaped piece, and stick it somewhere in the middle of the deck.

You cards will then be dealt to you either face up or face down. If the casino blackjack is dealt face up, you don't need to ever touch them. To indicate a hit playing face-up, just tap the table or scratch the table with your fingers while saying hit. To indicate a stand while playing face up, wipe your hand over the cards palm down while saying stand.

If you are playing face down casino blackjack you'll need to touch your cards to look at them. Only ever touch them with one hand, always keep your other hand off of the table. This is demanded by the casino in order to prevent slight-of-hand con artists.

To indicate a hit while playing face down, use the cards as you would your fingers in a face up game. To indicate a hit, scratch the corner of the cards on the table felt while saying hit. To stand just flip your cards over and lay them down.

To tip the dealer at the blackjack table, you have the option of just tossing them a chip and saying 'for the dealer'. Or you can play a bet on your hand for them, by placing a chip above your betting area and saying it's 'for the dealer'. This way if your hand wins the dealer collects the winnings on his bet as a tip. It's a good idea to tip at the casino. A very good idea.

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