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Enjoy A Free Game On The House
Enjoy A Free Game On The House
The house of blackjack - home of the world's most popular card game. The Hard Hand, Red Sevens, a Soft Hand, the Push, taking Insurance, Early Surrender, a Hot Deck - sweet music to the ears of avid blackjack gamblers.


Here's a breakdown on the types and styles of blackjack software you can come across on the Internet, and what to expect from each. Some are free, and others cost money, while some are free but play with real money. Lets start from the top.

Free blackjack software
Often referred to as Freeware, this type of software costs nothing, and has no limitations. Some good sources of freeware include's free blackjack, and a good google search will surely turn up some results. There's also House-Of-Blackjack's free blackjack game.

Demo blackjack software
Demo software, or shareware, is free to try but costs money to register. Often some features have been disabled or altered and registering will remove those. These are much easier to come across than freeware games, as there is some motivation to put money into their production. They look better too.

Check out the shareware blackjack software archive at You can also try a search for blackjack at ( And if you have no luck there, try the selection of downloads at

Real money blackjack software
There are a number of casinos online which offer real money play. By happy coincidence one of the things these casinos do is offer free versions of its blackjack software to anyone who wants it. You can usually simply log on to play for free, or choose to log on to play for real money when you want to.

The casinos listed here have been online for over 4 years, offer free blackjack with exactly the same odds and game-play as their real money game (a good advantage for the player), and have outstanding customer service.

Some even offer something extra. For example check out Golden's dedicated blackjack section. Which offers smart advice for the player, and an easy route to download their free software. Another old-timer in Internet terms is The Grand Online Casino which offers similarly attractive blackjack, if not all the extra information.

Your options for real money play online are plentiful, just be sure to pick a casino that's been around for awhile, like those listed above.

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